Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three roughed pages into the next batch, a movie and a trip to the PNE. An eventful weekend.

Superbad was great and felt oddly... Vancouver-ish. There are still moments where I laugh out loud remembering some line or moment. Rogen and company are brilliant.

There was a trailer for this hideous looking movie coming up though, some piece of shit Dane Cook vehicle. My god how awful does that look? See, unlike good stuff like Superbad, Knocked Up or the Office Cook can't bear to look like an idiot and in so doing comes across as a total asshole, and not in a funny way either. Why would anyone waste two hours watching such a crapfest? It's like the producers are counting on a reviewer to call it "offensive" just to get reactionary teens who don't know any better to show up in droves. But oh yeah, it probably won't be shown for critics right?

Wow, I'm all Meeee-ow over that, aren't I?

Anyway, the PNE was the usual fun with the added special bonus of mini golf in the rain. By hole nine we had to stop keeping score because the sheet was too wet to record any numbers.

Back home now, warm and slowing drying out. Tomorrow, back to work.

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