Thursday, August 9, 2007

The weather forecast is looking ugly which means movie night is cancelled this weekend but office tolerability is perfect for working. Four pages almost done so far.

Found info on the upcoming SUBCON in beautiful Dublin. I'm really looking forward to this show, especially since Ian and Vic will be there too. Yay! We're taking a few days afterwards to tour about Wales and England which should be a lot of fun. Great motivation to work my ass off.

And I hope to meet many UK Y readers! See you there!


h said...

will you be visiting london at all?

ps. handy tip: don't say 'uk readers' in dublin... it's the republic of ireland and they're irish. they wouldn't be pleased!

Pia guerra said...

Whoops! You're right I totally flubbed on the the UK part. I think I was running off the exploring Wales and England tangent and forgot about that vital fact. I need to proof-read more.

I look forward to meeting Republic of Ireland Y readers, as well as any Nordy, Welsh, Scottish and English Y readers who may turn up as well!

As for London, yep, we'll be stopping by towards the end of our week over there. I should ask around some shops about a signing...