Thursday, August 2, 2007

After some last minute fixes, the Treehouse of Horror story is finally done! Holy cow but that was a rough set! Today I finish up Y pages.

The one advantage to working nights is sleeping through this crazy hot weather. Wouldn't be so bad if the city workers weren't on strike resulting in the local pool being shut down. Yeah, the pool that's only open for couple of months in the summer, the one everyone in the neighbourhood waits all year long to open. Normally I would support union workers but this just makes them the bully in that Ray Bradbury story set on Venus where the kid gets locked up in a closet on the one sunny day of the year. Thanks a lot guys, you suck.

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James said...

It does feel absurd. I was surprised to find the gym closed. It isn't quite everyone, though -- I served a couple of uniformed folks at work. I can't remember which section they're with, but they told me they were "excluded" from the strike. Whatever that's about, I'm feeling very unlucky.