Sunday, July 1, 2007

Very busy weekend. Working on pages to get caught up from all the time lost due to this ridiculous cold which has barely let me breathe or sleep all week.

On the super cool side, Ian got laser eye surgery on Friday and now he's seeing 20/20 after years of terrible eyesight. It's pretty overwhelming for both of us.

Last episode of Doctor Who for series 3: Oh my. A bittersweet end to a fabulous set of episodes this year (okay, the Daleks two parter was a mess but everything else, lovely). I'm really happy to see a show like this out there, stories that never forget the kids in their audience, smart and funny and never condescending with just enough scare to keep the 'watching from behind the couch' tradition alive and well. And adults can get a lot out of it too. It's Harry Potter for sci-fi fans.

Happy Canada Day! I'm guessing this means FedEx will be closed tomorrow.

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