Saturday, July 21, 2007

Despite being exhausted from still more wonky sleep (I'd been up since 3am Friday morning and had about an hour's nap prior to midnight), we headed out to get our copy of the Deathly Hallows. The store was packed with people, some in bits of costume, a witch hat here, a maroon and gold scarf there and a trivia contest was going on. I swayed sleepily while Vic and Ian joked around. Got a glimpse of the latest issue of Details and the photo spread of Daniel Radcliffe backstage at Equis on the West End. We saw the theater when we were in London and despite being Ian's favourite play, it felt a bit odd to get tickets what with all the crazy, distracting hype over the nudity. I would like to read the play someday. Anyway, got our books and with the combination of excitement and rain I was a little more awake.

Back home we jumped right into it, me reading aloud to Ian while he made a quick dinner. After breaking between chapters two and three for some shrimp and angel hair pasta I was reading to Ian again and didn't stop until five in the morning when the pull of sleep was too much for both of us.

I thought all this tired would mean a good, solid stretch of unconsiousness but here's how my brain loves to sabotage my life: five hours later and I'm awake, if you can call it that, and not able to fall back asleep. Crap!

I feel very drained and am presently wondering how the heck I'm going to be able to concentrate on all this work. I'll be tackling the last of the Treehouse story today, hopefully getting most, if not all of it done before our flight tomorrow. Working on the road is not fun, working on two separate projects even less so.