Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whew, long days of working here. I've got 4 pages of the Treehouse story out today (crazy happy about them!), 4 more to get done for this weekend, and then 5 pages of Y to finish up this week (should take a couple of days).

Heading to California next week for nerd prom. We were originally set to leave on Wednesday but it looks like something has just come up that might require us to leave a couple of days sooner. I'll post more about it when everything is cemented. Could be fun!

Over the weekend we got out to see Order of the Phoenix with Roger and Louise, this time at the Silvercity in Richmond. We couldn't get in to the IMAX show but the regular screening was still fantastic. What a huge difference from the dismal experience at the Van East Cinema! And yes I can finally give my little critique of the actual story.

Naturally it was heavily condensed from the book but a considerably better job of abridgement than the fourth film. The transitions were smoother and the story just flowed well. The actors had more time to deliver some sweet, honest moments that made it feel... I guess quieter is the word I'm looking for. Less of the frenetic amusement park feel of the first two films, more grounded but still missing the richness of the third.

What grabbed me most was the fight scene at the end with wands and spells flying spectacularly in all directions. I was reminded of the disc fight scenes in TRON, with the flicking around the head and bright white light against the deep blackness of stone and marble. The added dialogue between Voldemort and Potter was eerie and right.

I know there are a lot of people who'll find a lot wrong with it but myself, I enjoyed it for the good, engaging film it was.

I'm not reading any Potter related threads until I've finished the last book. There are too many rumours screaming through the net right now and I really don't want to be spoiled. I managed to avoid them last time but Ian didn't and it just took away from the experience.

Oh Saturday...

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