Sunday, July 29, 2007

You know that groaning noise Krusty the Clown makes, that UUUUUUGH sound? That's what this weekend has been like.

Woke up with a crazy charlie horse or something in my calf, leg just went TWANG and now I have an excuse to sit here and finish these Treehouse pages that have been kicking my ass all week.

Got to meet Zack Gallifinakis at the Hyatt last night, chatted about how much we all like Vancouver. His hair is wild!

I think Vic has decided to toss today and hang out at Laguna with Laura. Best idea ever. I hope she finds a lovely pool to relax in.

Lots of conversations, lots of meeting readers which has been great, lots of planning for the future. And of course geeking out. Back to work...

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