Thursday, July 5, 2007

Got a batch out yesterday, not as much as I'd like but again, stupid cold. That and the recent humidity seem to have aggravated the asthma I haven't had any problems with for about 4 years now, I'm still coughing at certain triggers. Bleh.

On the lighter side, saw Ratatouille on Tuesday and loved it. It's a beautifully done flick with wonderful design, storytelling, and humour. Absolutely recommended, even more so for those who love to cook.

While I was sleeping off the all-nighter Ian went and saw Transformers. For a man who cried at the first Transformers movie I was very surprised to hear he walked out before the halfway mark. He couldn't be bothered to have his life wasted sitting through such a huge pile of crap. Wow.

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Eckmi said...

Shame that he says it's so bad, after hearing some positive stuff about it.

And sorry to here you're still ill.

Loved Y this week though, if that's any conciliation