Thursday, June 28, 2007

This week is blatantly unproductive. Sunday I made it into the office and got some work done. Monday, totally wiped, stayed in bed shifting from freezing to sweating to glugging phlegm in intervals that made actual sleep nearly impossible. Tuesday, made it to the office, did some work. Wednesday, feeling thrashed and spewing goo, stayed home, missed the pub quiz. Made it out to the after dinner get together to protein up but then devolved into a shaky puddle watching classic Doctor Who under a blanket.


So it's Thursday, when I get up I'll be back in the office trying to finish these damn pages. I wanted to get them out today but I don't think I'll make the Fed Ex run... not without bursting a vital organ that is. Urgh.

Currently watching: New Comedians of Comedy, the series. I love these guys.

Why the hell am I getting e-newsletters from

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