Saturday, June 2, 2007

A couple of pages into the next batch for #58. Lots to do this weekend.

Wednesday night, pub quiz, our team made first place! Woo!

Thursday night, Sophia Books, a Q&A and signing by Scott McCloud! Ian learned of it a few hours beforehand and we headed over. There were many local creators and friends there and we had some really nice conversations. The most impressive being with Scott's daughter Skye who is now a teenager and a brilliant one at that. I first met her as a baby in San Diego in 1993 and now here she is, planning to become a writer and director for TV. She's gonna be the next Whedon, just you watch.

It was sad to hear that some scumbag broke into their family car the night before and stole a bunch of DVDs, some with home videos of birthdays. Some people just suck.

Saw Hitchcock's Lifeboat this morning. Good film. Exciting enough to ignore the crappy, hubris-filled ads on AMC.

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Eric said...

AaAggh! That already happened? I'm bummed I missed the Scott McCloud thing.