Monday, June 4, 2007

4 pages in progress, going a bit slow but I should have something out in a couple of days.

The real pain of it is the weather which if you're unfamiliar with our seasons goes thusly: September the rains start up and continue right through to the end of May with maybe a couple of weeks in early December or mid February where it gets cold enough for a bit of snow. Then June comes around and summer shows up, BANG, like a much disliked aunt and uncle driving up to your house in a crappy station wagon full of their rude and rowdy kids and a flea ridden dog. Guess who's staying until the end of August?

So basically it's crazy hot, torturously muggy and there aren't a lot of summer clothes in the closet because last month I was too busy trying to find a sweater for the chill among the store racks packed full of capris and short sleeves.

Overnight the office has turned into a sauna, and maybe my Finnish sensibilities wouldn't mind that if dripping sweat and bristol board went together well.

I brought pages home in the hopes of getting some work done in a cooler environment.

On a weird note, earlier this evening we went out to see Knocked Up and on the walk back we were approached by several people on the street with various solicitations: one for magic mushrooms, another for a Bob Marley sketch that looked like it had been swiped from one of those street artist's displays and finally a bald guy came up to us, and I swear this is true, he says "Hey, you're a couple, you think you might want one of these?" and he pulls out a packaged sex toy from under his windbreaker. Something pink and and made of silicon, couldn't quite make it out, and most likely stolen from one of the 'marital aid' shops down Granville. We politely declined and hailed a cab.

That's 1am on a Sunday night for you.

The movie was pretty good.

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