Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wednesday was a combination of sheer delight and abject terror.

We picked up days passes for the Tube and headed out for the Tower of London. We got off at Bank and while trying to get our bearings wandering through tiny streets Ian was nearly hit by a truck. Scared the crap out of us both and we spent a few shivery moments under the Great Fire Monument trying to collect ourselves. Thankfully the lorry drivers in this town are used to having pedestrians jump out at them all the time (jaywalking is almost mandatory here) and as a result have the reflexes of a cat.

Christ! That almost turned into a cheesy David Tennant made for tv movie. Two days before our anniversary no less.

We decided to chuck the Tower and hiked on over to the Globe instead. And there was one of the many delightful moments of the trip, sitting in the Globe Theater during rehearsals. Amazing! The sad part was that we couldn't take pictures while the actors were onstage. Maybe we'll get out to see a show there Thursday night, grab some shots then. It's such a beautiful theater and yeah, the Shakespeare geek in me went nuts for it.

After that we went to the Tate Modern and breezed through a few of the exhibits. I was more interested in the building really, just wasn't in the mood to take in the art. Plus the 4th floor had a Dali show and after being quite severely traumatised by one of his movies when I was twelve I had to steer clear of it. Just too emotionally raw for it that day. Some great food at the top floor restaurant though.

From there we walked over to St. Pauls and saw they were charging nine pounds to get in. A bit much so we spent some time people watching on the steps and resting our feet. From there we went to Leicester Square and found a great discount on a pair of Spamalot tickets, then over to Piccadilly Circus where we bought the dozen or so CDs and DVDs we looked at the other day. A lot of great stuff in that pile, Bill Bailey, Life on Mars, Dylan Moran, Ricky Gervais, IQ and others that we won't be able to view until we get to the multi region back home.

After a couple of hours resting our feet at the hotel we saw Spamalot, fabulous! It reminded us both of Swordplay and inspired us to get working on the sequel already.

This morning the news was abuzz with Blair announcing that he's stepping down. The oddest moment: an interview in front of the Parliament buildings with the drummer from Blur. The anchor asked him how he thought Tony Blair would be remembered to which he responded, "How should I know? I'm a drummer! It's 7am, this is my going to bed time!"

Sweet moment: Peppa Pig is on right now, and our friend Lilly does the voice for her. "I love tomato soup!" Dead cute! What a nice way to start another busy day.

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