Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, Tower of London and an overview of London's truly horrific and gore-ridden history. The ravens were cool. The crown jewels were sparkly.

Then a trip by ferry to Westminster Abbey and the resting place of some three thousand notables. Someone had lain a rose on Shakespeare's monument (aww). Saw Darwin's marker, noted that it didn't have very much to say about the man *g*. We (along with a couple of others) were asked by a priest conducting a tour to not listen in since it was a private event, which seemed silly since it was right there in the open and we were hanging towards the back. Ian had some Catholic School flashbacks as a result. We left a bit irked, especially since we paid ten bloody pounds to get in.

We walked over to the London Eye where I finally started to fade from all the activity. I really wanted to hang at the arcade and play some skeeball but there just wasn't any energy left.

We headed back to the hotel where the latest Y script was waiting in my e-mail inbox. After reading it I felt as if I'd been kicked in the gut. Holy shit.

A grim yet interesting day overall. After a long sleep I woke up at around 2am. Feel much better now. Might get a few more hours before tackling Friday.

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Migs said...

The last page of Issue 56 was AMAZING. Keep up the awesome work!