Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Started the day with a trip to Aoki Sushi to make up for the week away from raw fish. Yummy!

From there we went to the office to get on work. I started fixing up the two pages I couldn't get done before we headed out, almost finished with those. Page six is started and I got a few panels done for the Treehouse story.

Sometime in the afternoon we heard a very loud bang outside. Turns out the front tire of a bus exploded as it pulled into the stop outside the ballet school. No one was hurt, except when I drove my bare foot into the kickstand of my bike when I hurried over to see what all the commotion was. Perrier is really good at cleaning up bloody wounds. Don't worry, it was only a tiny gash. The bus tilted at an alarming angle towards the sidewalk as bewildered passengers disembarked.

My stack of sketch requests is getting big again. For those still waiting, I'll get to them very soon and thank you for your patience!

So it turns out the Doctor Who twelve inch figure I found in London is a perfect fit to the Barbie Vespa I picked up a few months ago. See Idiot's Lantern if you have no idea what I'm on about. The sticker book is a fun distraction, very zen. I'll need to find more stickers.

Tomorrow, more work and then dinner and DVD watching with Riel!

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