Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Bristol expo is so much fun. The attendance is a couple of thousand or so with makes it very cozy. It's one of the most polite shows I've ever been to, very refreshing. The signings went well and we have a few more set for tomorrow, an 11am spot at the American Dreams booth and another one in the autograph area, possibly at noon.

The day's only marked negative was taking a break outside for some air and while resting on a bus stop bench we witnessed (or rather heard) a pigeon run over by a car. Gah! A young girl on a bench nearby with her mum was badly traumatised by this. If her group had been the ones tossing bread for the birds to eat then I'm sure that only added to the shock. I don't think I'll get that out of my head very soon.

The rest of the day went better. We had dinner with Shelly Bond and a whole bunch of local creators. Mark and Irma were there and we had a great time chatting over pasta.

After Ian split off to get some work done at the hotel and the rest of us sat in on the Eagle Awards and cheered Brian as Pride of Baghdad won a statue for Favourite Graphic Novel. Good on 'im! The host of the awards was Norman Lovett and he was very funny.

Once the awards came to a rowdy conclusion it was off to the bar where everyone struggled to be heard over the even rowdier partiers done with their Eurovision viewing (I think Serbia won). Got to speak (yell) with Duncan Fegredo who was very pleasant.

Once it was obvious that I was starting to lose my voice I excused myself and headed back to the hotel. Oh man I'm pooped.

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