Thursday, May 3, 2007

In my brief moment of bumitude I totally forgot to relay events of earlier this evening! Namely, the Anza-Bonanza pub quiz!

This somewhat monthly event at the Anza club brings in all the local geeks for booze and trivia and the occasional near brawl.

Tonight our four person team (the Judoon Platoon) conquered such questions as "what are the primary colours of light?" (red blue and green), "Whose birthday is celebrated around the world on January 25th?" (Robbie Burns) and "what is the name of Doctor Who's Time machine?" (well that one's obvious!).

We were also laid low by this quiz night's infamous trick questions, or rather questions that appeared to be trick questions but weren't: "What US state has the highest population?" (thinking it was a trick we answered Colorado. It was California after all *sigh*).

But hey, we took 2nd place! Woo hoo! We won a lil' trophy (actually an old softball trophy) and a copy of American Psycho (as seen in one of the 4 video questions and probably just an excuse for the quiz master to clear his old video collection).

Fun night. And now I feel much better about that rejection. Phew.

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