Monday, May 28, 2007

Five pages out today.

After I get some sleep I'll be spending this evening getting more work done on the Treehouse story.

Just some quick responses to some questions that are becoming more frequently asked lately.

What are you doing after Y?
At present, my only plan is to get this Treehouse of Horror story done. Ian and I wrote it and I'll also pencil it. It's a fun story, I hope you like it when it comes out this fall.

Other than that, I have no solid plans and won't be making any until I've had a little time off to look at what the next step should be. There are ideas percolating in my noodle, many ideas. Plus there have been a couple of juicy offers and tempting openings. Let's leave it at that for now.

Sketches? Commissions?
Please refer to the FAQ for the answer to that. I'm not taking commissions until I'm good and ready. Sorry!

And I sent you a sketch request a few weeks back...
Yep, I'll get to it! They're all safe and sound in the inbox. I really appreciate your patience right now, there's a lot to focus on in this final arc, total brainsuck, but I'll make time soon.

Cons? Doing any?
I have two lined up for the con season, San Diego in July and Dublin in September. That's it. Too busy for others. If that changes I'll post it here.

Thanks again for writing! The kind words are always and very appreciated!


E in Atlanta said...

Hi Pia. I just fixed some stuff on your wikipedia entry, but I know there are more sources of information that could help fill out your entry. Mind pointing me to a few places that would help your page go from stub to full article?

Pia Guerra said...

Well those first three interviews lisyed in the links are pretty extensive though the last one has some misquotes in it. Just had an interview with Newsarama this morning so you might garner some info from that when it comes out.

Hope that helps!

(and I really should dig up a better picture than the one on there *g*)