Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Holy crap we're home!

Monday started early (again), we packed all our travel swag and with a few hours before our train was set to leave we got in a cab to visit the Bristol Forbidden Planet where we bought even more Doctor Who stuff (yes, I'm a sad, sad example of geekhood). Really nice store too, packed with stuff and very people friendly which isn't always easy to find in North America.

We walked around the neighbourhood, enjoying the sunshine and getting more of a look at the town we've had so little chance to check out this weekend. Ian was reminded of Halifax with the styles of buildings and bridges. I loved he canal boats.

Then back to the hotel, check out and off to the train station. It was a lengthy ride through some gorgeous countryside, and I think I saw one of those old chalk carvings on a hillside, the Whitehorse? The picture I took was really fuzzy but neat all the same.

Gatwick was a nightmarish two hours of standing in poorly executed lines followed by what can only be described as an excruciatingly harrowing nine and a half hour flight. Air Transat is the WORST airline in existence, so much so that I'm going to say it again, this time in bold caps: AIR TRANSAT IS THE WORST AIRLINE IN EXISTENCE. I can't recommend anyone fly with them as we will never fly with them ever again. Ever.

They pack their planes to bursting, nine insanely small seats to a row. Even if you can squeeze into them you're then faced with the fact that shoulders tend to be slightly wider than most hips and if three adults are sharing a row then your only option is to cross your arms or overlap shoulders with warm, sweaty strangers, or try your best to tuck in to avoid getting slammed by the trolley or just about anyone trying to pass to get to the washrooms.

The food was barely edible looking less like "Chicken Coco Vin" than a Hungry Man Stew with the ingredients not mixed together. I was splashed with tea by the attendant, and whenever one kid stopped screaming another one a few rows over was more than happy to take up the slack.

And then they played Dreamgirls. Again.

Exhausted, bruised legs, sore back and very, very happy to be home. And really charged to get into the office to do some work. Woo hoo!

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