Sunday, April 1, 2007

We're in Seattle after a rough day on the road. We left before noon in the hopes of getting to Emerald by mid-afternoon. when we got to the border the line was past 4th avenue. Two hours waiting to get across, inching at a crawl, too warm to leave the windows up, too brisk to leave them down. A few yards to the booth and I started feeling panicky and claustrophobic. It hadn't occured to me that missing breakfast to get out the door was making me all squirrely. Operating on only three hours sleep didn't help either.

It was probably a lot worse for Ian and Vic who went out at 4am to stand in line for a Wii at the Toys R Us, three hours in the cold only to find they missed it by three places in line. Behind them a clearly deranged woman was leaving permanent emotional scars on her kids by subtly implying it would be their fault if they didn't get one of the machines. Which of course they didn't. As much as I would have liked to have seen that for myself, bed was better.

Once we got through the border we headed for the nearest drive through for some grub and were treated to yet another wait after the intercom girl had to deal with something for about ten minutes. I was ready claw my way out of the car by then.

Back on the road, a little saner with food, it was smooth driving...until Everett. Lots of traffic.

We overshot the stadium exit and had to double back a bit. We got to the show an hour before closing, totally exhausted.

We checked in with friends, made plans for the evening which included getting out to Kinokuniya for much needed erasers and an assortment of pens and papers to play with.

We tried this sushi place next door, a pan-asian grill really, and found despite the Japanese and Chinese dishes on the menu it tasted thickly of Korean Kimchi. Better than a crappy Whopper Jr. but hours later my throat is still burning.

Ian, Vic and Roger went off to the improv show and I returned to the hotel to pass out.

I woke up when Ian got in and have been up for a couple of hours trying to turn off my brain.

Tomorrow we attack the con fresh and I'm excited about it.

Amelie just started on IFC. I'm staying up.


Laura S. said...

Hey, tell Ian and Vic to try eBay games for the wii. That's where I got mine. I called them up on a Thursday morning and they had some, so we ran up there to get them. Alot of people don't try them. Good luck to Ian and his quest.

Laura S. said...

Okay, I'm a tool and it's late writing this. It was supposed to say eb games.