Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We ended up a Toys R Us today for a sugar raid. Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, gumballs, all this weird and vile crap. Stuff you just have to have on occasion. On the way out I spotted a vending machine selling Hellokitty netsuke, those little dangly bobs for your cell phone, and I had to get one.

My old cell got wrecked, it was already becoming obsolete, I was gonna have to buy a new one anyway but the i-phone is still a year away so I've been using Ian's in the interim (the one he never uses because he doesn't answer phones, I have no idea why I set it up for him). Even more annoying, I can't get my old ringtone to set up properly so instead of a wicked Doctor Who theme I have to use the crappy defaults... and on top of that the pretty rose quartz dangly on my old phone was burned on by the seller so I can't move it to this one, and I need a dangly on my phone. That's just me.

So I plunked a toonie into the machine and out popped this teeny beauty:

Dudette is flipping the bird! I am in love!

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