Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paper came in! Woo hoo! 5 pages halfway done.

This evening our living room became tax prep central with piles of receipts tempting cats at every turn. This time of year is always stressful but made easier tonight with a nice discovery at Happy Bats DVD rental: Passport to Pimlico.

I first saw this film about 15 years ago at the urging of a very British roommate, actually her family was from England and though she did not sport the accent she would box your ears if you steeped the tea too long, that kind of British (okay, maybe heavily chide is more apt, she would never resort to violence, that wouldn't be very British). She also made a mean 3 minute egg and soldiers which was pretty cool.

This quirky slice of life piece is centered around a 1949 London neighbourhood in the throes of a record heat wave and heavy post war rationing. After an unexploded German bomb blows up in an empty lot the residents discover a centuries old cache of Burgundian treasure and documents that prove the land underneath them is actually foreign soil. When they learn they can sidestep rationing by claiming status as Burgundians a clash of governments paralleling the Berlin Blockade results.

It's a sweet movie and it was fun sharing it with Ian. Suddenly craving cucumber sandwiches.

Tomorrow it's back to the accountants to learn how much of my hard earned canuckbucks get sent to Ottawa for squandering on things like sponsorship scandals, fact-finding missions, Quebec...


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