Monday, April 9, 2007

2 pages ready to go out, 8 ready to be traced onto the good stock which will hopefully come in later today.

Spring rains are especially sweet here. The air smells fabulous and the warm air makes the wet all the more pleasant (unlike winter when it's better enjoyed indoors under a cozy quilt).

We had dinner near the beach yesterday, the rain was coming down pretty hard, there was a strong breeze, but it was warm and everything felt so hopeful for it. The real stunner was the view, one only a Vancouverite can love really: a host of luminous greys, the glowing grey sky, the almost metallic grey water, several gunmetal freighters anchored further out, and a single, lumbering, coal coloured cruise ship filmed over in fog, with vibrant vanilla lights happily outlining it's shape. Wow.

I love this town.

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