Saturday, April 14, 2007

4 pages out, working on more this weekend.

We've decided to get out to Bristol after all. Due to this week's all nighter I couldn't get out to the travel agent today but tomorrow, definitely. We're planning for a few days in London to catch a couple of shows, Othello is playing at the New Globe. Also Ian wants to see if he can perform at one of the gazillion comedy clubs there. I'll be happy to just wander around town and chow down on the scenery.

The added bonus, spending our first anniversary in England. Wooo!

Vic brought a copy of Steve McQueen's Le Mans over this evening. She's been reading his biography, telling us about his absolutely horrible childhood, and now we're in the let's-see-everything-he's-ever-done phase. Really interesting movie, maybe two pages of dialogue in the whole thing, with the first words uttered (by McQueen, he says "okay") not heard until about 36 minutes into it.

Beautiful cars, great shots... an amazing time capsule of the 24 hour event. And McQueen is of course, hot.

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