Wednesday, April 18, 2007

5 pages almost done. They'll be out the door on Thursday.

Slow blogging day. I could write about my brain whizzing with plans for our trip but that's going to get really old by May.

Virginia Tech... dick with a gun. Do I need to contribute to the roiling blogosphere on that one?

Spider-Man 3 trailers... stop giving away the damn surprises! I actually want to be surprised!

Guess I'll just have to leave you with the Doctor and a kitten:


Laura S. said...

Ok, first, you totally suck! I can't believe you're going to England (again, I believe). Second, you understand you shouldn't roam around London stalking Dr Who (however a trip to platform 9 3/4 is totally acceptable). Third, my dangly is a monkey. Fourth, have fun in jolly ol'England!!

Pia Guerra said...

It's not stalking! It's RESEARCH... yeah.

And you can't stalk Doctor Who in London since it's shot in Cardiff.

And yeah Cardiff happens to be next door to Bristol... but that's not why we're going! Really!

(Though visiting the Millenium Center would make for some really cool photos.)