Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a day.

Spent a lot of it in bed trying to kick this bug but also following reactions online (which have been amazing! Wow!).

And there's still more. On Thursday (later today) you can hear an interview with Brian and myself on the Inkstuds radio show. I'll be in their UBC studio hacking up a lung while Brian calls in from LA. You can listen live between 2 and 3pm via the CITR site or check out the archives at the Inkstuds homepage.

Even more links (can you believe it?)

Video interview with Brian on CNN

Here's my CBR Studio Tour mentioned ealier.

An article from the Wall Street Journal where Jorge Garcia (the actor who plays Hurley on Lost) totally geeks out over Brian. How sweet!

Y We Fight, more info on the Y Party and CBR related news on LA City Beat.

Kurt Loder's wrap up over at

And the Newsarama interview with myself, mentioned earlier. They'll also be posting a chat with Jose this week so stay tuned for the link.

Wizard is running coverage in their latest issue so keeping an eye out for that and the Rolling Stone piece.

More as I get it. Gonna watch this week's Torchwood and then get some more sleep.

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M said...

What a great book and an amazing ending.
Thanks for providing it with the visual soul the story needed.