Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I don't think I'm exagerating when I say my sister is brilliant. And funny. I was reading over some of her movie reviews on Facebook this morning and just giggling my face off. It's a hugely entertaining read. Don't believe me? Here's a sampling:

Corvette Summer
In this early work of Matthew Robbins we see the seeds of what would later germinate into an unforgettable ouevre of cinematic genius. The young protaganist, Ken, embarks on a journey after the object of his desire, a car emblimatic of power and prowess usually reserved for those above poor Ken's station, is taken so unjustly from him. We later see young Ken become embroilled in the underhanded dealings of his employer. The same class struggles and moral challenges would later arise in the director's populist "Batteries Not Included." It is in the character of Vanessa, however, that we see the beginnings of a world view that would later infuse the master work "The Legend of Billie Jean" with it's particular radical feminist slant. Themes are important to this giant of the cinema. We see the plot device of the chase and the journey of discovery that emminates from the development of desire that leads all humans, black or white, man or woman, rich or poor, Dragonslayer or apprentice, to grow and define the parameters of their existence. Much like the line of pee that young Chuckie Devlin leaves so that the eponimous Bingo may come to his rescue in the risky 91' addition to Robbins' resume, Ken follows that far more ephemeral master, passion, to the seedy underworld of Las Vegas where he must confront both internal and external obstacles. A universal journey to which we may all relate. Kudos Matthew Robbins! Kudos!

Star Wars: Holiday Special
I remember when my favorite aunt, who I thought was the coolest person in the world, brought home this awful, stupid, racist loser and fawned over him all evening until I lost all respect for her. This "Holiday Special" is a lot like that.

Now go and ask Vicky Van to be your friend and see about two hundred more of these brief yet spot on observations of movies from a whole range of genres.

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Eric Fell said...

You're not the only one who has noticed. Vicky's movie reviews are excellent. I'm a big fan. They crack me up like nobody's business.