Saturday, January 19, 2008

So a lot has been going on here and I figure it's about time to get y'all up to date on some of it.

A very cool event has just been announced, on February 8th Brian and I will be at Y the Last Party, a charity fundraiser hosted by Meltdown Comics in LA to celebrate the ending of our lil' book. The reception will feature a keynote speech by, of all people, Joss Whedon! It's pretty overwhelming really, especially after hearing advanced tickets sold out in an hour! There will be about 70 tickets available at the door on the day of the event so there's still a chance to see two very pasty, pale comic book creators sitting in a huge crowd looking stunned. More information here.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver I have two pages from Y on display over at the Jem Gallery on Broadway as a part of the Inkstuds Art Show featuring the work of many local comic book creators. Check it out if you can, lots of nice stuff there.

Also, Ian and I have been invited to a book festival in Leipzig Germany in March. There's going to be a mini signing tour beforehand where we'll be visiting a few cities (Frankfurt and Stuttgart?). Once the itinerary has been hammered out I'll have it posted. Should be amazing!

Presently drawing a short story written by Leah Moore for Comic Book Tattoo, an anthology graphic novel from Image featuring stories inspired by the songs of Tori Amos. It's coming along slowly (damn the seductive lure of the couch!) but it's getting there.

And finally, there's a verrrry sweet project in the works, still can't talk about it, dying to, but not just yet. Holy crap I can't wait!

More soon...

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