Monday, January 7, 2008

After reading about a new show in the paper today I had to watch it to believe it. The Border premiered tonight on the CBC and I'm not sure what makes me angrier, the fact that this is the best Canadians could come up with or that my taxes helped pay for it.

The oh so hip and tech savvy Border and Immigration guys clash with the sneering men in black over at CSIS while trying to uncover the truth about a possibly innocent terrorism suspect handed over to the CIA and all the news ripped from the headlines of the Globe and Mail blah blah blah. Derivative and condescending with a camera operator plainly afflicted with some kind of tremor inducing illness to explain the ceaseless jerky motion throughout the flashy, cool-blue-toned shots.

Oh and there's even a computer geek who uses backwards klingon as the "perfect code", only thing is, he's like in his late thirties and looks like he stepped out of men's underwear ad, all chiseled and perfect. Oh do fuck off with this CSI Miami crap.

And next week: a "rogue Homeland Security agent" in stilletos shows up to stir up trouble! Oh joy.

Oh hey, Life on Mars is on BBCCA. That I can actually watch.

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