Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day, the last issue of Y hits the stands and suddenly everyone is talking about it. Here's a list of the latest name-drops, interviews, mentions, YouTube spots and spotlights gracing the net and the stands this week:

Newsarama interviews! Part I and Part II with Brian by Zack Smith. Look for my own interview with Zack tomorrow. IMPORTANT NOTE for those getting their comics late due to snow or for Trade Waiters: these interviews (mine especially) contain MASSIVE SPOILERS, do not read until you've read the issue.

This week Comic Book Resources will be posting a tour of our studio. Marvel at the mess!

Time Online gives a mention in an essay about apocalypses and you can find a a sidebar in this week's issue.

USA Today talks about the series coming to an end.

And also on USA Today A chat with DJ Caruso on the Pop Candy blog about Y the Last Man...movies?

New York Magazine interviews Brian about Y and Lost and time travel.

Here's Brian in a CNN spot talking about Lost (note all the copies of the book behind him. What a slut!)

A rather confuzzled individual chats about Y on YouTube.

An interview with myself on the Blazedent Blog.

And there's a rumour going around that the next issue of Rolling Stone (with Radiohead on the cover) will have a little story about the book as well.


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