Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday. Home stretch. I don't know what's been done differently this year but compared to past years this con had been so much easier to deal with. Oh sure, there's the Saturday night freak out where all the emotions finally bubble over and nothing but an amazingly patient boyfriend can help you ride it out. But the rest of it, the crowded aisles, the near psychotic outbursts of the frustrated and bug-eyed, the air conditioning... all seem to be running a lot smoother this year. I've managed to navigate the hall without so much as a shove or a stepped on foot. And best of all, no mystery clouds of B.O. to jump out at you when you least expect. Everyone is being hygenic and polite this year. It's great.

I got this amazing present from Brian yesterday. It's too stunning to recount now as I have to boot it out to a signing, but stay tuned. More info tonight.


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