Sunday, July 3, 2005

And speaking of Harry Potter...

The San Diego comic con is in two weeks. On the Friday of the con the new Potter book will be released at midnight. A bunch of us are planning to join the huge line-up expected at the downtown Barnes & Nobles. Great atmosphere, little kids dressed up in costume, goofy adults dressed up in costume, lots of lightening bolt temp tatoos no doubt. I was really looking forward to this... until I remembered something: the US edition of the Potter books are usually edited to change words like "jumper" to "sweater", "philosopher's stone" to "sorcerer's stone" etc. to make it easier for the yanks to understand.

Now, I'm torn! Do I get the US edition and then buy the Canadian/Brit one when we get back to Vancouver?! I was hoping to start reading this right away! Will I have to start from scratch when we get back?! Will I just have to WAIT through the whole weekend to find out what happens?! AAAGH!

These are the things I think about. Aren't you lucky I decided to start blogging more?

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