Sunday, July 30, 2006

Out of the gate... with a head cold. Figures, you spend a weekend with a hundred thousand people that one of them will pass on a bug. Nothing serious, just a lot of sneezing. Blah.

So to get the day started I called up Ian who was already at the office and asked him if he'd like to grab some lunch (more like dinner since it was about five o'clock, slept in a bit due the head cold). Ian wanted to go to Black Tuna down by the beach and we both blanked that it was Saturday and the downtown core was going to be swamped with about a million people checking out the fireworks competition.

We get there at about six and have a lovely dinner while we watch the masses go by. After stuffing ourselves on beautiful fish we decide to give the fireworks a try. By now it's seven thirty and the only place left is a patch of green across the street. We sit for an hour or so, looking up at the looming clouds. I've worked on some small pyro teams in the past and whenever the skies were overcast like this, seemingly non threatening but still thick, something about the booming mortars would cause them to spill rain shortly after any show. It was chillier than usual this evening, I didn't have a jacket and I didn't really want to get rained on either. Splitting seemed like a good idea.

We walked towards Granville to see if we could make it to the comic shop before they closed. We've been totally hooked on the Planetes DVDs and there was one more left we hadn't seen. Halfway through the west end we're at a street corner and I look up to see a very familiar head of flowing hair. The actor John Glover was crossing the road and me, being ever the loquacious geek just had to stop and tell him how much I liked his work. He thanked me politely, wished us good fireworks and continued on, his gorgeous, healthy mane bobbing in the wind.

We just made it to the shop. Actually they had just closed but we gave them the puppy dog eyes and promises of a good, fast sale and they let us in. Planetes 6 was ours! Yay!

We then walked over to Chapters but no finds there. I really wish they'd adjust their prices to the current exchange rate because twenty three bucks for a Computer Arts magazine just seems a bit much these days.

We grabbed a cab before the fireworks were set to start and hightailed it to the office where, after some distractions with comics and the gameboy I got two pages nicely started. The rain was nice too when it finally fell.

At around 3 am we heard a loud crash outside. The whole evening had been pretty loud, lots of cars leaving the core, sirens racing back and forth, and rowdies partying into the night. This particular crash was the sound of a lot of glass followed by angry yelling.

We look out and see two guys walking up the street, the loud one was brushing himself off. We couldn't see any glass so we just watched him go up the street with his buddy. When they were just out of sight we looked back and saw a small crowd gathered around the barber shop there. We went downstairs to have a look and sure enough, Mr. Angry McSmash-a-lot had punched a very large hole into the plate glass window. Most of the glass was inside which was why we couldn't see any from across the street. We looked back to where they had gone and now there was a cop car sitting there. We hurried over to make a report but they were too involved with a couple of street racers to care and asked us to go across the street to call 911.

We filed the report but by then the two drunken douchebags were long gone. We grabbed some hot chocolate and went back to the office.

Quite a day all right.

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