Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Breyer's ice cream now officially sucks.

Ian picked up a carton of Breyers today, that ice cream that features ads with cute children reading off the oh so simple ingredients to prove how natural it really is. I used to really like it, that is until this evening when we had some for dessert.

After a few bites we began to wonder why the hell it tasted so gummy and awful. We checked the label and sure enough there were these not so simple names on the list: milk ingredients, sugar, modified milk ingredients, polysorbate 80, guar gum, glucose, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, natural vanilla flavour, carageenan and oh yeah, pure ground vanilla beans (makes you wonder why they had to add the natural vanilla flavour if there's ground vanilla beans in there hmm?).

We checked to see if this was some diet version or for people with gluten alergies but the label only said Breyer's Natural Vanilla (with real vanilla specks!), not that I saw a lot of specks in there either.

Sure there are many more important things out there to feel betrayed about (Wal-Mart, Bush, leafblowers, Vancouver's real estate market) but this is especially disappointing. I can understand when you buy the cheapo stuff you get crap but spending all that money for crap when they've always claimed to not be crap? I feel ripped off.

And now my stomach is all rumbly and that taste keeps hanging around. Ick. Breyer's blows.

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