Monday, July 14, 2008


It's one week (and a couple of days) 'till Nerd Prom, but this officially is the roughest week of the year for anyone working in this industry.  This is the time you really don't want to pester the comic creatin' folk lest you get your head torn from your shoulders.  

On top of the regular deadlines there's shopping for clothes, getting the hair done, putting together pitches, sketchbooks, updating the 'folio, printing up new batches of business cards, confirming reservations, finalizing schedules for panels, signings and interviews, writing an acceptance speech or two whilst daring to hope they get to be used and of course figuring out where the heck everyone is gonna be drinking in the evenings.

There's also quiet meditation to store up the calm you'll need need to navigate the milling masses of over a hundred thousand geeks, or to just treat your ears to the silence that will soon be shattered by that infamous roar, that nonstop, inescapable white noise permeating the convention hall, the corridors, the sidewalks, the restaurants, the hotel bars (the worst of course being the Hyatt), the pool sides and patios.  San Diego Comic Con is one of the few times of the year we get to tear ourselves from the isolation of the studio and stand around with like-minded souls chattering about everything geekster and boy do we not waste a second of it.

It is a time of excitement at seeing old friends, of sharing new ideas and old stories.  

And it is a time of dread.

Back to work here.

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