Monday, July 7, 2008

Bouncing back and forth between six pages, almost done.

Weird sleep issues this weekend.  Couldn't get a full night's worth for about three days in a row, only naps.  It got to one point where my body was so tired it up and decided to stop producing heat.  I was lying in bed in intermittent spasms because shivering had somehow been forgotten.  Fortunately Ian was there to snuggle up with for warmth.   Eventually it all clicked into place and I got a good block of zzzs.   Still a bit messed up by it though, and also bummed that it all kept me from my nephew's birthday party on Sunday.   I miss that little guy.   

Gonna keep it short today, work on some panels and then back to bed so I can shake this.

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Charlie Kirchoff said...

Ick, that doesn't sound right. If that happens again I would see a doctor 'cause that sounds kinda scary.
I hope you get better fast. :)