Friday, July 25, 2008

During the post Spike panel press meet I get to stand between Lucy Lawless and Jaime King while reporters flash cameras like crazy and Lucy says in a mock whisper "I'm touching her breast!"

And she totally was!

I've been glowing ever since.

Having a freaky fun time. Today we're taking a brief time out to go to the zoo and see some "swamp monkeys". Or at least that's what it sounded like over the din/roar of the IDW party last night. Apparently these are monkeys in the same enclosure as otters and they play together. I think I'm going at this point just to prove that what's I heard and I'm not finally losing all my hearing.

"Yes damnit! Mel said 'SWAMP MONKEYS! And there they are!'"

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Anonymous said...

Wow! A tit honk from Dame Lawless. Take that, lack of Eisners!
Glad you're having fun.