Thursday, September 27, 2007


After a couple of hours of sleep at home, maybe one hour on the flight to Toronto and another hour on the second leg to get here we arrived at 9am completely exhausted. It was a few hours before the room was ready so we toured about the neighbourhood with Rob Curley, Paul and Allan (I hope I remembered everyone's names right, I was very out of it) and had a lovely lunch. We walked through the Trinity campus to the museum where the Book of Kells is housed though we're saving the actual going in and seeing it until tomorrow when we'll be in a better frame of mind.

We got into the room at two and crashed hard. There was someone hammering and ripping what sounded like old wood in the courtyard below our window but not even that was enough to keep us awake. We slept deep and uninterrupted until eleven pm. I called Vic to see if she wanted to grab a bit of food but she wanted to sleep through the night. We went for a short walk and grabbed a sloppy cheeseburger on the corner (in a gold styrofoam container! Haven't seen those since the 80s) and then back to the hotel where we'll get a few more hours sleep.

First impressions of the town, gorgeous scenery with a crazy high population of young people. Barely seen anyone older than 30. Kinda reminding me of Logan's Run.

Watching the news about the protests in Burma while sounds of rowdy club goers drift in from outside.

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