Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy anticipation to abject panic to tired calm all within the space of a few hours. While packing this morning I realised my passport was missing and after turning the apartment upside down it was really starting to look bad. We got Vic out of bed to help with the hunt, and then we noticed the tickets were missing too. Tore into the car, nothing. Then Ian went back to the office to look there. A half hour later he calls to say he found them accidentally filed with the expenses.

Oh my god.

I completely broke down. This almost turned into one of the worst days ever. Fortunately all is good now, coming down from the adrenaline shock, Ian is killing stuff on Halo 3. The apartment is a huge mess.

I'm gonna get a couple hours of sleep and then we're out.

Saw Reaper earlier this evening and it wasn't bad. Ian and Vic were trying to figure out which Canadian Tire they filmed it in when I noticed the same rotary tool section where I bought my mini saw last year, it was in the Surrey store. Kevin Smith aparently directed and 'peppered up' the script which surprised me considering the total lack of over-the-top, gross-out/piss and fart jokes.

Okay there was the bloody Zamboni bit, but still pretty tame for a Smith piece, yeah? I'll check out more of those.

To bed already! Long flight ahead.

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