Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We have a tonne to do before heading out on Thursday. Cleaning up the apartment, export permits, Cali tax permits, incorporation paperwork, travel insurance, sorting through pages for sale, business cards... and hopefully a load of laundry in there somewhere.

Finally had a moment to figure out why the hell my computer kept defaulting to Quicktime making it impossible to save audio files without downloading some expensive and useless upgrade. After getting it all sussed I felt pretty silly for not taking the time sooner. So simple a fix and it would have saved me a lot of annoyance.

Spent the last few hours saving the rest of Deja Vu for the trip and getting the Dr Who theme converted to mp3 so I could get it sent to my phone. I'm not sure it worked but it was worth a go.

It's snowing outside, a thick wet slush that will probably be gone by sunrise. A few hours ago two skunks were furiously going at it under our window, a lusty swirl of black and white and angry squeaks. I'm sure the snow has cooled them right off.

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