Thursday, February 22, 2007

Page 6 is done, pages 7 and 8 are started.

When we got to the office this evening we found the Luther Arkwright cds in the mail pile. And then I became very giggly and happy. I played the whole set while working and holy cow what a fun adaptation. Some bits were taken out from the original story, the New Amsterdam reporter is gone and the Nirvana and baptism sequence is done in sound effects with no narration, but despite this it was spot on. Tennant was faaabulous as Arkwright, playing his restlessness and bravura just right.

One distracting, albeit amusing element was hearing Arkwright call fellow WOTAN agent and paramour by her name, Rose Wilde.

Recommended, even more so if you're a fan of the book.


geekboypress said...


I just got my package in the mail and really appreciate you takin the time to do such a kick-ass rendtion of Jack! You are definitely the bee's knees!


Pia Guerra said...

You're welcome Louie, hope it didn't take to long for you to get your sketch.

It was really fun doing his character so thank you!