Saturday, February 17, 2007

5 pages getting worked through this weekend.

Saw Ghost Rider tonight. I really liked the character work, the humour and the easy cheesiness of it all but the actual plot was more distracting than entertaining. Kinda just wanted more of Ghost Rider riding around and stopping pretty crimes than the whole Blackheart's-after-the-big-bad-scroll thing.


Brian said...

So it sucked?

Nooooooo!! *runs off and cries in a corner*

Pia Guerra said...

I appreciated the fact that everyone was having a good time making this film, it had a very similar vibe to the Fantastic Four bootleg from a few years back, awful but goofy fun at the same time. I would definitely suggest a cheap matinee and that you sneak in your own snacks. You'll probably have a good time despite some cringe-worthy plot and crappy demon effects (GR was great, the rest... not so much).