Monday, January 29, 2007

Pages 12 through 14 are almost done.

The AMC channel was added to our cable package a few months ago and I have to say it is the most ridiculous concept ever conceived. Here's a channel that claims to love movies, so much in fact that not only do they edit out all the swearing and questionable bits but they hack it up with all these commercial breaks, but not for any actual products no, the commercials are for the AMC channel itself!

Adding to the irony is the sentimental schmaltz dripping off these ads. Spots with "real" people, some on the street, some in a studio, their eyes glazed over with nostalgic ecstasy, recalling their favourite movies and film going moments and how those experiences affected them so damn much! The power of the soundtracks, the thrilling action and emotional, highs, the directorial masterpieces! Oh God! Movies are just AMAZING!

And then back to the film. And then another break... with the SAME ADS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

What the hell?! At least TCM lets you watch the entire show uninterrupted before bombarding you with their self-congratulatory, Oscar-interstitial-worthy vignettes of grand cinematic history.

What real movie lover would stand for it? It's a joke.

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