Thursday, January 4, 2007

Looks like my little vacation is over. The script for issue 55 just came in and I'm back on the clock.

So did I get the stuff done I wanted to on my break?

Treehouse of Horror. I'm halfway through layouts and I have been mucking about with the model sheets and enjoying it quite a bit. I believe I have until summer to get this complete which should work out okay.

The GQ gig is still up in the air, looks like a mix up in the mail led to the contracts running astray. I may still be able to do something on my offtime but it depends on the piece, we'll see. I'm still very psyched about it.

I did do some writing that I'm happy with, a work in progress that will continue when I have a moment here and there. Space Arm is still back burnered.

Swordplay 2: Treasure of the Island of Treasure. We had a meeting about it and talked over ideas. More on that as it develops.

I worked on several craft projects this month. I made some sashiko pieces that I'm very happy with, someday we'll have a very pretty quilt on our bed. I have some new hat requests to keep my hands busy in front of the TV.

Thank You Cards. Urgh! I WILL get to those! Soon even!

There are things I didn't get to, the dollhouse is still on the table waiting to be sanded down. The bedroom closet is a nightmare and the kitchen can use some new shelves. Lots to do, all in good time.

But surprise, surprise we bought a car! I'm taking my Learner's this week and Vic is enjoying having a vehicle to get to work with every day. The downside of course are the Graduated licensing rules they have in place now which means I won't be able to take the driver's test for a whole year! Jeez! I should have done this ten years ago.

Did I get what I wanted out of my break?

Absolutely. More than anything I wanted to do very little. I wanted to sit in front of the TV, be crafty, bitch online (check out Gail's Rick Olney thread for a real doozy!), play video games (which besides Tetris and Lumines on the portables have been almost completely verbotten over the last few years!), have a laid back Christmas and just relax with my husband. My hand is rested up, my head is rested up and I'm ready to tackle this year.

Five issues to go! WOO!

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