Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've just finished this batch but couldn't make it downtown to FedEx in time which was frustrating. Tonight I'll make up another page so I can send out 6 pages tomorrow.

While racing through this deadline today I got a call on my cell from a person who had bought a page from me a few months back at a local con asking if I was selling any more pages. I'm guessing he had one of my cards. I've also gotten several e-mails and MySpace messages just this week with similar inquiries.

Look guys, the FAQ says it all. I'm not selling pages online yet because I'm trying to get this last arc drawn, there is no time to set it up and probably won't be able to do it until the book is done. Sometimes I bring a few pages to a con, not always, and rarely do I take pages over the border because there are fees and paperwork involved that are a huge timesuck. When I do bring pages it's whatever I happen to pull out of a few boxes, boxes that are all out of order. I am not going to be digging through hundreds of pages to find requested pieces. Not right now.

If you want to find some pages to buy go check out Jose Marzan Jr's page for the ones he's selling there.

I'm hoping to bring pages to Wondercon, I will not be taking page requests. The prices will probably start around 80 bucks and go up from there. That's all I'm planning right now. I have no more information than that.

I have a stack of sketch requests by my desk that I'd like to get done this weekend and barring anymore e-mails I should get them out by Monday.

And now back to this batch.

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