Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I really feel like punching something.

I was feeling better this morning. The sinus stuff was gone, I was coughing less and overall it seemed what was left of this flu was just a weakened immune system sparking up my asthma/allergies a bit. No need to see the doctor, this train is leaving the station! Yay! We went out for some lunch to get some fresh air, clear the lungs of triggers and fuel up for the final farewell to the last 2 weeks of fucking misery.

And then on the walk home I was hit by a huge wave of tired so I figured "okay, time for bed anyway, I'm hitting the sack."

I wake up 4 hours later (y'know 'cause I love not getting a solid 7-8), I'm coughing up crap, my throat is on fire, my eyes are burning and squinty and I'm EXHAUSTED!

I'm so done with this! I need to be on a plane on Thursday and I'm fucking done already! So on top of all the other last errands I have to get caught up on tomorrow now I have to cram in a trip to the clinic.


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