Friday, February 15, 2008

A few night ago, Ian, Vicky and myself were hanging out playing Bejeweled when we heard a powerful explosion outside. It sounded like it came from Cambie Street and our first thought was maybe a propane tank blew at the RAV line construction site. Soon the neighbourhood was filled with the sounds of sirens and we figured we'd find out what happened on the news the next day.

Sure enough, all over the headlines is the story of the Taco Del Mar on Broadway getting firebombed.

The blast took out the Starbucks next door, sent debris across the street into the London Drugs' windows and even blew in a window at the Holiday Inn down the street, inside was a sleeping soldier on leave! She was okay, just shaken up (poor thing).

It was interesting to note the reactions to the bombing, most people saying "Yeah, it looks like arson" "Some guy did a pretty lousy job of it" "Witnesses saw the jerk running from the scene" "Probably an insurance job or disgruntled employee" and so on. Not once did anyone bring up the word 'terrorism', even with the Olympics only two years away.

And that's why I like living here.

Oh yeah, a very burned suspect was picked up earlier today. There's some talk about the guy being connected to other acts of vandalism on the west side.

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Dirk said...

Holy sh...!
Last week i had a discussion with some frightened people,concerning terrorism.....
I think the considerably larger terrorism is the talk about by politicians!
I can´t hear it any longer,because it can´t be helped.
I live my life,and don´t think about it!
It gives me pleasure to see,that you think about it as well!

Ironically i´ve booked a room at the Holiday Inn last month,because i´m going to take a vacation in october.......
But nothing´s gonna spoil my party.
I´m looking forward,to see Vancouver!

Greetings from Germany!