Friday, April 16, 2004

Just heard this morning that Y - The Last Man, One Small Step trade paperback is going into a 2nd printing! Wee! Much thanks to everyone for picking up a copy!

Also, the CBC posted an interesting interview with me on their Radio 3 site. They took images from the book and inserted quotes fom a couple of interviews I did with JJ Lee over the last two months. It looks pretty sharp and there's music... just disregard all the exclamation marks!

Okay, Omarosa wasn't a plant but damn if that woman doesn't come across as someone who thinks the universe revolves around her. Ick. I'm sure a lot of how she was presented was due to heavy handed editing but she didn't help her case much with the few moments she did have to prove herself what with her creepy, fake posturing and outright denial of wrong doing. Ugh! I've known people like that and it just makes me go Grrrr! I'll stop now.

Angel is a good show. *sigh

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ohhh Photoshop is fun!

Thanks to Kimmy over at Blogger the archive link is now working. Yay!

My friend Den sent me this great link: A Softer World. Picture Jack Handey getting hit by a truck full of Haikus and it still won't do Emily and Joey's site justice.

An interesting theory floating out there now about the Aprentice. Omarosa may very well be a plant intended to test the applicants' ability to deal with problematic employees. I mean, she's a little over the top to be real huh? And the whole tagline of the show is "You're Fired!" so it would make sense that the final round would require the winner to be able to fire someone if necessary. Personally Kawme should have pulled her from the Jessica Simpson transport detail immediately instead of extending the non-confrontation. The fact that he didn't will work against him. The fact that the other "employees" commented on his not dealing with her on the spot suggests that they may already be in on the conspiracy. The real tell will be if the final two applicants get to switch employees so the other guy can handle her. Or if some similar trouble with another employee comes up. It's a reality show after all, gotta have a twist!

Jeez, I'm being sucked into a reality show! I hate those things!

Y #21 is out and Goran's work is lovely. Hope you're out there getting a copy!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2004

I'm having trouble figuring out the archive code so if you hit that link you may end up in nowheresville. Working on it as time allows. Sorry.

Saw Hellboy this week and was pleasantly surprised. Good characters, visually strong and very Mignola-esque. His style translates really well and I have to applaud the production team for taking such big risks. I was a bit disappointed with the end though, very abrupt and kinda run of the mill: big bad, big fight, big mess, wrap up the loose ends fast. It seemed to be building up to something bigger and more resounding but instead resorted to video game boss-round ending number 309. I'm still recomending it though, with the hope that if we are fortunate enough to see a sequel there will be more of the unconventional (pancakes! kittens! talking corpses!) and less of the predictable (grenades down gullets. Overdone CGI *yawn*).

On a Y note, I attended a Women in Film seminar at SFU today that featured David Goyer speaking about adapting films from books and comics. Some neat industry annecdotes including one about a Disney executive stating flat out "There is no mucous in a Disney film! Ever!". Also some good points on the writing process and working with actors. I had the chance to say hello afterwards and he was very pleasant. Also met up with Steve Sadowski!

Later, Vicky and I went to see if Soda's (a small 50's diner with pretty good burgers and milkshakes) was still open. It had been converted to a so-so sushi joint. *sigh*

There's a shop up the street selling these GWEV electric mopeds. I'm sorely tempted.

Friday, April 2, 2004

I've added a couple of sites to the links pages that I hope you check out.

Digital Medusa is an online gallery displaying the personal collection of Steven Gettis. Since 1998 Steven has gotten dozens of literature based illustrations from creators throughout the comics industry. Impressive and worth a look.

Ghost Town is a site showing photographs of Chernobyl taken by a woman named Elena who makes regular trips into the city on the back of her Kawasaki Ninja. This link has been making the rounds on the boards lately and after you had a look you'll know why. Haunting and sad.