Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ohhh Photoshop is fun!

Thanks to Kimmy over at Blogger the archive link is now working. Yay!

My friend Den sent me this great link: A Softer World. Picture Jack Handey getting hit by a truck full of Haikus and it still won't do Emily and Joey's site justice.

An interesting theory floating out there now about the Aprentice. Omarosa may very well be a plant intended to test the applicants' ability to deal with problematic employees. I mean, she's a little over the top to be real huh? And the whole tagline of the show is "You're Fired!" so it would make sense that the final round would require the winner to be able to fire someone if necessary. Personally Kawme should have pulled her from the Jessica Simpson transport detail immediately instead of extending the non-confrontation. The fact that he didn't will work against him. The fact that the other "employees" commented on his not dealing with her on the spot suggests that they may already be in on the conspiracy. The real tell will be if the final two applicants get to switch employees so the other guy can handle her. Or if some similar trouble with another employee comes up. It's a reality show after all, gotta have a twist!

Jeez, I'm being sucked into a reality show! I hate those things!

Y #21 is out and Goran's work is lovely. Hope you're out there getting a copy!

Happy Easter!

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