Friday, April 16, 2004

Just heard this morning that Y - The Last Man, One Small Step trade paperback is going into a 2nd printing! Wee! Much thanks to everyone for picking up a copy!

Also, the CBC posted an interesting interview with me on their Radio 3 site. They took images from the book and inserted quotes fom a couple of interviews I did with JJ Lee over the last two months. It looks pretty sharp and there's music... just disregard all the exclamation marks!

Okay, Omarosa wasn't a plant but damn if that woman doesn't come across as someone who thinks the universe revolves around her. Ick. I'm sure a lot of how she was presented was due to heavy handed editing but she didn't help her case much with the few moments she did have to prove herself what with her creepy, fake posturing and outright denial of wrong doing. Ugh! I've known people like that and it just makes me go Grrrr! I'll stop now.

Angel is a good show. *sigh

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