Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from San Diego, we just finished a week of teaching kids how to make comics at VPL's summer book camp, attended the Anime Evolution show at UBC over the weekend and now finally have some time to think and work... except there's this ridiculous heat wave going on that's making it damn near impossible to do anything in the office (the building's ancient electrical system can't handle air conditioners apparently). This is where I have to send thanks to Mayor Robertson and the City of Vancouver for demolishing our neighbourhood pool. It's not like such a thing would have been at all popular what with climate change making each new bout of summer even hotter than the last.

My brain isn't just cooking from the heat but also with plans and schemes and as soon as it cools down a bit I'll be back at the tablet getting those ideas out. Can't wait.

Also, ignore the Japanese spambot in the comments section. I'm trying to figure out how to block him without having to put up annoying security walls.

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